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7. Artillery School Jüterbog II

The field artillery and foot artillery shooting school is located northwest of the Jüterbog train station in the barracks town of Jüterbog II. Jüterbog II was founded in 1890 as a result of the relocation of the artillery school from Berlin-Tegel and, in addition to the shooting school, also included civilian houses that were needed next to the barracks. The name Jüterbog II comes from the post office responsible at the time.

From 1892 almost all German artillery officers were trained in Jüterbog, with the exception of the Bavarian officers. In 1900 the field artillery school was one regiment, the foot artillery school was one battalion in 1905. In 1912 a second battalion of foot artillery was established, the barracks were on the Fuchsberg.

The Jüterbog Artillery School continued to exist during the Weimar Republic, when the Reichswehr was reduced to 100,000 men. During this time, the shooting school was expanded to include the mine throwing school and the news school. The separation of field artillery and a foot artillery shooting school was also lifted. From 1933 the artillery school and the firing range were further expanded. From 1945 to 1994 the artillery school was used by essential parts of the "Poltava Division" of the Red Army. After the Red Army withdrew, the barracks were partially converted into apartments. Other parts of the building are empty and derelict. In particular, the area around the horse stables can no longer be saved. The site is freely accessible and today an interesting mix of renovated historical buildings and modern decay. But there has also been movement on the non-renovated areas since 2018. They are tidied up and the buildings gutted so that they can be used for a new purpose.

The New Artillery School was built around 1935 as a lecture hall building for the training of artillery officers. The Soviet Army had set up a culture house in the main building.

From the antenna mast on the roof, the Moscow television, received by satellite, was broadcast to the army personnel.

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