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VEB fittings

In the middle of a small town south of Berlin are the remains of the building of Plant 7 of the eight companies owned company, fittings, which formerly had approx. 600 employees. The company existed after nationalization at the end of the 1940s until 1990. Here, plastic and metal fittings for the furniture industry were manufactured. Today there are still two companies in the city that manufacture fittings.

The interesting thing about this object is that you can still find old machines and furniture here. In particular, the punches and electroplating drums are still in good condition. The company had to have a high level of vertical integration, as there was also a tool shop in addition to the electroplating department. Around 100 people worked in the buildings.  Even plastic parts, some of which are originally packaged, are still stored here in their boxes after almost 30 years. Remnants of the GDR past can still be found everywhere. The central location has apparently protected the property from vandals.  But be careful, the upper floor is already in great danger of collapsing. The roof is partly open!

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