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Reparaturwerft von 1934

Air base of the blind flight school

The airfield was built for the Blindflugschule 1 in 1934/1935 with a 1800 meter long and 80 meter wide runway. Among other things, it was used as a test site for Junkers AG in Dessau. The Luftwaffe trained pilots on the legendary Junkers Ju 52. From November 1943 to the beginning of April 1944, the II. Group of Kampfgeschwader 1 converted to the Heinkel He 177 here. In 1944/45 the place was bombed several times by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) and damaged by a German demolition squad. In July 1944, flight training was discontinued. A fighter squadron with the Me 163 rocket fighter was stationed here. Immediately before the end of the war, test pilots and test engineers from Junkers-Werke Dessau worked in the utmost secrecy with two prototypes of the first jet-powered long-range bomber Ju 287, which successfully completed their first test flights here. The circular flying wing "Sack ASG", reminiscent of a flying saucer, was also developed and tested in B. The construction of an assembly hall for the Me 163 could not be completed by the end of the war. In 1946 and 1947 the damaged airfield buildings were rebuilt by the Red Army The first MiG-15 jet fighters were stationed in 1954, later mainly attack aircraft and helicopter units were located in B. From around 1960 the infrastructure was continuously expanded, the runway was extended, a flight line and new taxiways were laid Years ago, several blocks of flats were built for the officers' families.The last flights of Soviet units were made in April 1992 by Su-25 aircraft of the 357th Independent Attack Airship Regiment and on May 29 of the same year by Mi-8 and Mi-24 of the 485th Independent Helicopter Regiment Today there is a solar park and a biog on a large part of the area asplant. The repair hangars and the tower from German times are also interesting. There are also some buildings in the forest, but they have been completely gutted and will soon be demolished.

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