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The old brown coal mine

The mine, which was operated from 1860, is the last witness of the civil engineering in the Zeitz-Weißenfels mining area. The iron headframe, still visible today - but not accessible - was completed in 1915. After the coal railway was put into operation in the Deuben open-cast mine, the first open-cast mine in the district (from 1927), mining in the shaft was gradually reduced from 1932 onwards. Coal production and drainage operations - and with it the civil engineering in the Zeitz-Weißenfelser Revier - were finally stopped in 1959/1960. The "Paul II" mine was included in the list of monuments as early as 1962 and the Revierhaus was converted for residential purposes. Today the big red winding tower can be seen from afar. Unfortunately, the shaft tower and the district house are only ruins.

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