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Briquette factory and power plant B.

The briquette factory and the associated power station were built in 1912 and commissioned in 1913. The construction was completed in 1918. The brown coal was obtained from the neighboring open-cast mine. During the 79-year operation period, 38 million tons of briquettes and electrical energy were generated for their own use (opencast mine and factory) and the state network.

After the closure in 1992, partial demolitions and partial renovations began. The control room of the former briquette factory was extensively renovated in 1998/99 by the Augsburg Society for Earth Building, Education and Work Leipziger Land eV. Concerts, exhibitions and other events took place there. The buildings for wet service, dry service as well as the press house and others were preserved, but all of the machines in them were scrapped. Some parts of the building have been completely renovated and now house companies and private apartments. The aisles and pipe connections between the buildings have also disappeared. Today the site is a mix of Lost Place and apartments.

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