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Corazon de Jesus - abandoned submarine hunter airfield off Panama

At the ITB I had a conversation with a sailor who offers tours on the San Blas Archipelago in southern Panama. But more on that in the article on the islands . After a week's hotel vacation near Panama City, I (together with my wife and two married couples who are friends) booked a domestic flight to Corazon de Jesuns with Panama Air. The shock came when our flight was the last to be called at the small airport, we were only six people in the hall. The machine was very small. It was a twin-engine twin otter. More like a VW bus. We stowed the luggage in the back seat. First of all, the entire ceiling paneling fell down. The two pilots attached them again. We sat down and started. I looked over the pilot's shoulder. Navigation is only possible with a TomTom-like device. Great, how are we supposed to get there. The flight went over Panama City and the thickly overgrown rainforest until the first islands appeared half an hour before us. They looked as beautiful as the Maldives! Then the descent began. Just where was the airfield? The mainland was far to our right and only jungle as far as Colombia. Suddenly my wife called, look at an aircraft carrier. The gag was good. It was a small island with a very short runway. We touched down and the pilot immediately made an emergency stop, without seatbelts we would have flown through the window. We came to a halt just before the end of the runway and the sea. There was nothing on the island. We unpacked the suitcases with the pilots. Then you went behind an empty building and relieved yourself. A couple of natives got into the machine and it was gone. I thought it would hopefully be picked up by our sailor, who should show us the islands for a week. Otherwise we would never have got away from here. Then a small rubber dinghy appeared in the distance. The boat driver waved, it was Karl Heinz, known as Carlos. Carlos then told us that the airfield was laid out by the Americans during World War II. Submarine hunters were stationed here. They were supposed to protect the entrance to the Panama Canal from German submarines. Nothing has changed on the island since then.

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