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Of the  Ölprinz - NVA fuel and lubricant store

Paraxol GmbH, a subsidiary of DEGUSSA (Deutsche Gold- und Silber-Scheideanstalt) founded in 1939 in Frankfurt, manufactured the explosive precursor pentaerythritol, the starting material for the military explosive nitropenta, at N. until 1945. The tank farm, which was later used and expanded by the NVA land forces, was the material store for liquid raw materials. These were mainly brought by tanker to pier N. and unloaded there. A pressure line ensured that the liquid raw materials got into the tanks. From there they were either carried via tank trucks and another pressure line to the N. production complex. A part of the production area was later used by the 2nd NVA intelligence brigade. Because the entire facilities were not destroyed, the warehouse complex described here was expanded and continued to be used by the NVA as a fuel depot within the same framework. In addition to various storage and accommodation barracks, the property also housed two large underground fuel tanks with a huge capacity of 7700 m³ and also smaller, underground storage containers. Inspection shafts can be found all over the site, the pump rooms of the storage tanks are also partially accessible. The highlight is of course the oil prince known in Urbex circles, a large tank container that is still accessible and in which you can descend a 20 m long staircase (as of April 2020). The acoustics in the creepy container are unique.

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