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Tonfabrik Dommitzsch

The abandoned clay pottery factory

The local clay stores and trained potters in the area were decisive for the location of the factory. In October 1909 a GmbH with ten shareholders was formed, which commissioned the building. Production began in May 1910. There were times when over 100 people worked here (1951 - 115 employees, 1964 - 78 employees). They produced a variety of everyday objects: pots, bowls, cups, jugs, hot water bottles, coffee pots and the like. After the Second World War, the company resumed work in 1946. The products even went abroad, including Belgium, Denmark and Poland. After the turning point in 1996, the last 10 employees came to an end. During my visit I saw that there has been no investment here since the war. The products are produced more cheaply in China. Even at the turn of the millennium, monument conservationists assessed the existing buildings as valuable. However, there was no subsequent user or a museum exploitation. Today the buildings are falling into disrepair. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful lost place with lots of photo opportunities, as a large part of the inventory is still there.

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