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Bucket wheel near Gerbisorf

On a bike tour around the Werbelliner See near Delitzsch, we passed this huge witness from another time. It is the paddle wheel of what was once the largest lignite excavator in the GDR, the 6,500 t heavy SRs 6300. It is a 17 meter high technical monument. Former miners from the Delitzsch-Südwest opencast mine there did not want to have this part of an excavator, which had only been in operation for a short time, completely scrapped. It was assembled there in 1989 and its career ended in 1991 because lignite mining was stopped during this time. At least the bucket wheel, now visible from afar, and part of the crawler track were preserved for posterity after the bucket wheel excavator was blown up in 1996. The deformation caused by the blast can still be seen on the wheel.

Vier Wartburgs

Verlassene DDR Fahrzeuge

Auf dieser Seite zeige ich Euch lostige und sich im Verfall befindliche Fahrzeuge vorwiegend aus DDR oder Ostblock Fertigung:



Der W50 Friedhof


W50 Friedhof

Die 52er Kriegslok Baujahr 1942 auf dem Abstellgleis

52er Kriegslok
Jahreszeiten des Trabanten

Der einsame Trabant im Wandel der Jahreszeiten