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French fort (infantry factory) in the Brandenburg Forest

Deep in the Brandenburg forest, on the edge of a firing range, there is a replica of a small French fort from 1914, which was built for trial firing with mortars. However, the test facility with a size of 35 mx 12 m was never shelled because the mortars were ordered to the western front because the war had started in the meantime. Therefore, the system is still in good condition today and you can still see a few labels. A large part of the facility is covered in earth, only the entrance area is visible. There are two entrances to the fort, flanked on the left and right by two guard posts, so-called snails. One can be seen in the pictures, the other has already collapsed.


Further in a north-westerly direction, on the firing range, there is another large fort "Artillery Works" (62 mx20 m) that I unfortunately couldn't find. GSSD tanks that drove over the large fort broke through the ceilings of the facility on a regular basis and so the large fort was quite damaged. The corridors were filled in by the GSSD and other parts were razed to the ground. Later, after the troops had withdrawn, 2 tunnels were dug up again.

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