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VEB Schwermaschinenbau Georgi Dimitroff

We were able to visit the last historical buildings of the former Otto Gruson machine factory at the beginning of 2021. The site has already been dismantled and apartments will soon be built. What is still there has partly collapsed due to natural decay, despite the monument protection. The history of the plant:

The machine works, founded by Otto Gruson in 1871 and taken over by the Buckau R. Wolf AG machine works in 1930, became part of the Soviet stock corporation (SAG) AMO after the expropriation in 1945. Before the war, lignite excavators and briquette plants were produced. Armaments were added at the end of the 1930s. 70% of the factories were destroyed by fighting. On January 1, 1954, the company was transferred from the legal form of the Soviet stock corporation to a state-owned company of the GDR. The company name was now VEB Schwermaschinenbau "Georgi Dimitroff". The production program included equipment for the lignite and chemical industries as well as large gears and cast products. Excavators, briquette factories, large gears, conveyor systems and equipment for cement factories were built. After the fall of the Wall, the factory operated under the old traditional name of Maschinenfabrik Buckau (MFB). The company was most recently a subsidiary of 3B TEC Aufbereitungssysteme GmbH and was liquidated on 1.1.1995.

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