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Grabowsee lung sanatorium

​​The Grabowsee sanctuary was the first sanatorium for pulmonary tuberculosis in northern Germany and was founded in 1896 by the German Red Cross. During the four years of the First World War, Grabowsee was used as a club hospital by the Red Cross for the treatment of soldiers with lung disease. POWs were also housed here until 1918. For economic reasons, the people's sanatorium association sold the institution in 1920 to the Brandenburg State Insurance Agency. From 1926, extensions were built that already contained elements of the new objectivity.  After the Second World War, it was used as a Soviet military hospital from 1945 to 1992. Today the area is a popular setting for films and photographers and is used by the Kids Globe Association. A paid visit is possible after prior registration. I've already seen a lot of abandoned objects, but this tour was a highlight. We wandered through the abandoned buildings and the outdoor area for 3 hours and were impressed by the morbid charm. Since art events also took place on the site, funny surprises can be found in many of the rooms. Incidentally, the German horror film "Heilstätten" was shot here in 2017 (and not in Beelitz), which can also be seen on Netflix.

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