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Port of Leipzig-Lindenau

In a harbor basin in Leipzig Lindenau there are three imposing storage buildings from the 1930s. However, the port was never used because the planned connection to the Saale was never completed. The Elster-Saale Canal project was started in 1933. The port was built in 1938. First, the new port was to be connected to the existing Heinrich-Heine Canal, an approx. 4 km long canal from the Wilhelminian era towards the city center. Then the canal should follow in the direction of the Saale and Leipzig should be connected to the Central European water network. When work had to be stopped due to the war in 1943, large parts had already been completed. The breakthrough to the Karl-Heine Canal only took place in 2015 as part of a tourist project. Of the 19 km planned Elster-Saale Canal, 11 km had already been completed and flooded by 1943. But there is no connection to the port. The canal, which was supposed to flow into the Saale at Kreypau, ends near Günthersdorf (Saxony-Anhalt). In order to overcome the height difference between the canal and the Saale, work began on a giant lock staircase with two locks near Wüsteneutzsch. Before the connection, which is only 75 meters long, from the port to the Elster-Saale Canal, a barrage for high and low waterfalls must be built in the Karl Heine Canal south of the Luisenbrücke. That will take a few more years

In 1966 an oil mill exploded in one of the warehouses, which can still be seen from the outside today. The already completed storage and warehouse buildings of the port were used until the 1990s. Since then, the buildings on the almost 40 hectare site have fallen into disrepair, with the exception of a granary. The site is a listed building. The riverside area in the direction of the city center has been built on and developed for tourism in recent years.


When I visit Leipzig, I often leave my car here and ride my bike, along the beautiful Karl-Heine Canal through Plagwitz and the Clara-Zetkin Park, to the city center. Short detours to the power station and the old spinning mill are also recommended in Plagwitz .

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