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Atlantikwall: Marineküstenbatterie „Heerenduin“ in Ijmuiden

Atlantic Wall: “Heerenduin” naval coast battery in Ijmuiden

I visited Amsterdam while on a cruise. The ship anchored in Ijmuiden, an industrial port on the North Sea. Before the trip, I wanted to see the area in an hour. Right behind the harbor I saw a number of bunkers from the Second World War, so of course I went straight to them. The bunkers were freely accessible. There is also one attached Bunker museum , which was closed however. A signposted hiking trail leads through the dune area. I researched the following about the story:

Ijmuiden, as a port at the entrance to the North Sea Canal to Amsterdam, was expanded into a fortress in the course of the fortifications of the Atlantic Wall. Because the Wehrmacht assumed that possible Allied landing troops would need a seawater port as a bridgehead for the landing. So in the port area and in the adjacent dunes around Ijmuiden, two speedboat bunkers, three naval coast batteries, five naval flak batteries, as well as numerous smaller defense systems were built.

The marine coastal battery "Heerenduin", as part of this facility, is easily accessible below the south pier of Ijmuiden. Here the Organization Todt (OT) set up one of a total of three sea target batteries to defend the seaport in 1942. In order to react to the steadily increasing air threat from the Allies, the German High Command decided to bunker the coastal defense. To accommodate the four 17cm guns, the four standard structures of the type M 272 were built in the so-called "winter construction program" at the turn of the year 1943/44. These structurally identical artillery slots were provided with the consecutive construction numbers 5833 to 5836 and built in the strength "B new", which corresponded to a two-meter wall and ceiling thickness. For the fire control (target acquisition) of the four guns, a standard building M178 with the construction number 5831 was built in the middle between the gun bunkers. The control center housed the entire marine target telemetry (range finder and fire control devices) of the battery.

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