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The abandoned luxury hotel Haludovo in Croatia

The hotel, which has been vacant since 2001, is Croatia's most famous lost place. It opened in 1972. Bob Guccione, the founder of the US men's magazine “Penthouse”, invested 45 million dollars in the construction. The “Penthouse Adriatic Club” had more than 500 rooms. The centerpiece was a casino with 70 scantily clad American hostesses. Mostly male guests celebrated lavish parties here. They destroyed up to 100 kilos of lobster, five kilos of caviar and hundreds of bottles of champagne - every day! Just a year after the opening, Guccione withdrew in a dispute with the communist Yugoslav authorities. According to Yugoslav law, the director had to be elected by a workers' council. So it became a workers-managed state enterprise whose profits Guccione shared. The luxury hotel Haludovo, which also accommodated state guests, became the casino club. The Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein used the size of the facility to drive up with 250 companions. Allegedly they should have filled a whole pool with champagne for him. The business continued until the outbreak of the Croatian struggle for freedom in 1991. The forced break, during which the building served as refugee accommodation, was the beginning of the end of the holiday destination for the rich and beautiful. Although the business was privatized after the end of the war in 1995 and reopened under the name Hotel Haludovo, all attempts to reconnect with the splendor of yesteryear failed. The owners changed quickly, and none of them paid for the urgently needed modernization of the facility. In December 2001 the last guests checked out.




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