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Jute mill

Around 1896 the weaving and jute spinning mill "Tränkner und Würker" was put into operation. The production of textiles from jute fiber determined the profile of the “Spider” plant from the early days of the company for decades. The area is characterized by an elongated one-story hall complex, which is divided into three larger production halls. From the 1960s onwards, film and co. Replaced natural fibers entirely. Threads such as harvest twine were also on the production list, as were bags made of woven film. In GDR times, these were in demand for export items to western countries for fertilizers, sugar products and much more. After the political change in 1989, the business quickly came to an end and began to decline. Today the area is pretty neglected. The ceilings are in danger of collapsing and there are fire spots everywhere. Nevertheless, the light-flooded halls have “the” certain charm of decay.

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