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Heim für schwererziehbare Hilfsschüler

Remote radio transmitter of the NVA

At the time of the GDR there were the wildest rumors in Treuenbrietzen about an NVA property in the forest near Niebel. A top secret FLA missile unit was supposed to be stationed here to protect Berlin. But it was only a remote radio transmitter for the object 16/017 Hennickendorf near Luckenwalde. There was the command bunker of the Minister for National Defense of the GDR. The task of the "remote broadcasting station" was to prevent the location of the bunker in Hennickendorf from being discovered, for example by targeting the enemy if broadcasts were to take place from there. The structure of the property is similar to that of other broadcasting stations, a concrete slab road with FB-1 type garage bunkers lined up to the left and right. In between small bunker type FB-3 for the crews and an FB-2, which accommodated 2 diesel units. An electric fence, a so-called high-voltage safety system (HSA), was part of the external security of the property. The property has not been dismantled. The entrances to the bunkers were partially closed and are now used as bat quarters. The area is pretty neglected. The inventory has been stolen by Schrottis over the years.

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