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As the first sanatorium on the site of the huge hospital area in Berlin Buch, the lung hospital was built under the name "Home for Breast Patients". The planning for this building complex lasted from 1899 to 1901 and the construction time until 1903. According to the plans, 150 male tuberculosis patients were to be admitted and cared for here. This disease spread massively in the cities around 1900, especially in the lower social classes, and isolation of those affected and extensive treatments with reclining cures away from the city in the fresh air resulted in good healing results.

The hospital is a T-shaped building with three wings, which was to be modeled on a neo-baroque castle. The front faces south. A narrow wing, which was planned as a kitchen wing, is attached to the rear of the raised central building. The main building is elongated, with several lying halls in front of the hospital rooms in the rear part. In addition to the main building, the lung sanatorium includes a porter's house, a civil servants' residence and other lounges; the entire complex is located in a park landscape.

Under the name “Waldhaus Buch”, the building continued to serve as a lung clinic for a long time. In 1965 two low-rise buildings were added. The entire complex is a listed building and has been empty for many years. As the building is well secured, vandalism is limited. I was particularly impressed by the huge, castle-like lobby. Otherwise the building is completely gutted.

Home for breast patients

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