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Oranienplatz underground station in Kreuzberg

In the late 1920s, today's U-Bahn line 8 was built through Kreuzberg. Around 1927/28, the shell of the Oranienplatz underground station was built on Oranienplatz, directly under Dresdener Straße.
The Wertheim department store, which at that time had a large branch on Moritzplatz, was not happy about the planning of the train station - far from the department store - and probably paid around 5 million Reichsmarks for the routing of today's U8 to be rescheduled and instead A new train station was opened under Oranienplatz on Moritzplatz. At the end of the 1920s, BEWAG set up a switch station in the station shell, which was equipped with columns made of polished Swedish granite. The BVG used the remaining tunnel connection to Neanderstraße (today Heinrich-Heine-Straße) as a parking facility until an air raid shelter was installed in 1941. The BEWAG location was given up in 1988. Plans for a gastronomic use at the beginning of the 1990s failed because of the proof of parking space. The Berliner Unterwelten eV conducted guided tours of the Oranienplatz and Moritzplatz station buildings until the beginning of 2012. My meanwhile historical photos come from one of these tours. After that, the roughly 4000 square meter shell of the train station was blocked by the responsible senate administration, since no static load verification could be provided after an expert examination. All counter-reports by the Unterwelten association were ignored.  In spring 2015, the station shell was filled with "liquid earth" - allegedly for "static reasons".

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