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Abandoned Anasazi Pueblo Indian cliff dwellings in Colorado

In the Mesa Verde National Park near Cortez (Colorado) are the impressive cliff dwellings (cliff dwellings) of the Anasazi Pueblo Indians. They lived in the region from around AD 550 to AD 1300. They lived on the plateau for 600 years, but then expanded their homes below the rocky outcrops. The size of the buildings varies from a simple one-room warehouse to a village with more than 150 rooms. In the 12th century, between 5,000 and 6,000 people lived here in one of the busiest trading centers of its time, with traders from all regions of the southwest. In addition, the residents practiced agriculture with a highly developed irrigation system. From 1270 the population suddenly began to migrate southwards - to what is now New Mexico and Arizona - for reasons that have not yet been clarified.

Many of the rock dwellings can be viewed as part of a ranger tour. But be careful, the tours are not easy. We climbed wobbly wooden stairs and steep rocks, sometimes on all fours. Sturdy shoes are important.

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