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The petroleum engine factory

The engine factory JM Grob & Co., built in 1891/92, was at that time the largest special factory for universal petroleum engines (no gasoline) in Germany. Motors were made to drive machines in factories, drive lathes, and pumps for agriculture. Grob & Co.'s engines were increasingly sold by boat building companies, as they were superior to the steam engines previously used. Finally, the company also produced narrow-gauge locomotives. In 1904 that came off, petrol and diesel engines had prevailed. From 1904 to 1931 there was a valve factory in the halls. Afterwards there were many different users in the halls: the body shop, sugar factory, synthetic resin press shop and, finally, drug processing at the VEB Pharmazeutisches Werk Halle. The site has been vacant since 1994 and is to be developed into a courtyard area with apartments and non-disruptive business in the next few years for 30 million euros.

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