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Mill works U&W

The mill works were built around 1872 as a steam mill and sawmill. The old mill was destroyed by two fires and was given its current appearance in 1913. The huge steel silos were added in 1934. The main products were various types of flour and bran. In 1972 came the nationalization and the new name "VEB Mühlenwerke". The Bad Lausicker mill closed in 1993 and has been empty since then. In 2019, an 11-year-old boy had a fatal accident when he fell in one of the many shafts in the mill. The building has been well secured since then.

The clinker building ensemble stands at a centuries-old mill location on the White Elster. The FM Weber paper and cardboard factory has been located there since 1882. From 1910 the paper mill also used water power and installed two Francis turbines Voith from Heidenheim. At the end of the 1930s, the company was one of the National Socialist model companies. After the expropriation in 1945, the plant was a SAG company, i.e. under the direction of the Soviet Union. In 1975 the plant was active as VEB United Paper and Corrugated Cardboard Factory, part of the VEB Kombinat Zellstoff, Papier und Pappe Heidenau.

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