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Bunkered radio relay station of the GSSD

In the middle of a Brandenburg forest that was never used by the military is this Soviet support information center and radio relay station, which was built in 1968. The barracks consists only of a long low building, a small boiler house and a few smaller outbuildings, probably for keeping pigs. Actually there wasn't much to see until we discovered a basement entrance in the main building. Behind it was a 10 meter long bunker. At its end there was still an opening, the path swung to the right. Now we came into a long corridor. Left and right were openings that housed other type bunkers, a total of six with a total size of 270 square meters. In one of them were the foundations of the emergency generator that had been disposed of. Such a huge bunker under a radio station? What else was their function? Otherwise the system was "swept clean". But it's surprising what interesting things you can find so openly accessible in the middle of the forest.

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