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2nd NVA intelligence brigade

The history of this property begins in 1939. Here Paraxol GmbH, a subsidiary of DEGUSSA, built a factory for the production of the explosives precursor pentaerythritol, which in turn was the starting material for military explosives nitropenta. For the sake of camouflage, the plant was set up in the form of small production units in a wooded area. The factory had a large storage facility for methanol, which was catalytically converted to formaldehyde on site. You can read the report on the neighboring tank farm here. From 1945-1950 several halls of the plant as well as all machines and equipment were dismantled by special dismantling teams of the Red Army. Some buildings were blown up. In 1951 the KVP (Barracked People's Police) took over the main property after a change of legal entity. The NVA that emerged from the KVP rebuilt and expanded it from 1956 onwards. Until 1990 it was the location of various NVA news units, including the 2nd news regiment, which was later transformed into the 2nd news brigade. This is about 2 km located former methanol position r was used in 1963 as a fuel and oil bearing 44 of the air forces of the NVA.

With the end of the NVA, the property was handed over to the Bundeswehr. After a short time it was classified as dispensable and became part of the property of the federal financial administration. Most of the site has not been used to this day. Business, a free school and an old people's home have settled on one part.

The GDR mural on the former cultural center is well-known and well-known. Otherwise, the property has been looted and apart from the historic buildings, there is not much exciting to see.

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