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Route 66 in Arizona

Is Route 66 actually a real lost place? I think so. During our road trip we were on Historic Route 66 for half a day. We left Interstate 40 behind Williams on the way from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas and drove onto 66. There was very little traffic. The road conditions were okay. After a while we reached Seligman. Yes, and this is where the 66 flair began. We had an extensive breakfast in the famous "Roadkill 66 Cafe". It was also relatively empty in August. It is definitely recommended. Everything delicious and a lot! There was also a lot of "historic" to see all around. But also a lot of vacancy. Since the places on the 66 through the construction of the  Interstate were cut off from traffic in the 1960s, the livelihoods of the service companies along the route have been deprived of their livelihood. With that, the decline began.


Next stop Hackberry. Actually just a disused gas station with a general store. everything with a lot of 50s flair. The souvenir shop already has cult status. Of course, everything is made for tourism, but people away from the big cities also have to live.


At Kingsman we were brought back onto the interstate. On the Internet, this section is described as the most must-see of the whole route from Chicago to LA. It was. So, if you're in the area, make the detour!


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