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The former castle brewery

The brewery was founded in 1868 as an estate brewery and looks back on an eventful history. From its foundation to its closure, the brewery operated under a wide variety of names at this location. In 1930 the brewery traded as "Gräflich Fürstensteinsche Schlossbrauerei". After the Second World War it was called Schlossbrauerei W. and was in the community trustee. In 1948 the brewery was expropriated, only one year later the castle brewery W. became the VEB brewery W. In the further course the names changed continuously. Since 1972 the brewery has belonged to the Potsdam beverage combine. In 1994 the company was shut down. During the GDR era, the company was one of the largest employers in the area. About 50 people were employed there. While word quickly got around about the good quality and taste of Wiesenburger beer in the early years, it was unfortunately no longer the case in the GDR. One spoke of "W. foam braked". It had to be used up quickly, the shelf life was limited due to the general shortage of raw materials.

The former brewery is now a monument. However, it looks like nothing can be preserved from the buildings. Many roofs have already collapsed. Water drips through the ceilings. Inside you can still see some machine drives and plant remains. The site belongs to an American investor who is not interested in it. The community currently wants to acquire and develop the property.

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