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GSSD nuclear weapons depot

The special weapons store was an object of the group of the Soviet armed forces in Germany for nuclear warheads. It was built from May 1967 to December 1968. The facility included two identical monolithic storage bunkers, a transshipment room, vehicle hall, service building, accommodation building, guard building and two guard bunkers. 160 to 200 nuclear warheads were stored in the two storage bunkers. In addition to the Himmelpfort special weapons warehouse, the warehouse was one of the two central warhead warehouses of the Soviet armed forces, the contents of which were intended to be handed over to the NVA missile troops if necessary. The nuclear weapons in the special weapons warehouse were assigned to the 3rd Army of the NVA (southern GDR). The evacuation took place in 1990. In a secret operation, the warheads were brought to Altes Lager in trucks in the summer of 1989, where they were loaded onto wagons and transported to the Soviet Union. Two identical systems are located in Poland and the Czech Republic for their missile troops. There were also separate camps for the Soviet troops.

I visited the facility in 2019 as part of a guided tour. About 180 soldiers and 80 officers were stationed here. Then there were the family members of the officers for whom the GDR had to build apartments. Most of the buildings were demolished. In addition to the bunker system, the swimming pool and the sauna are worth seeing. It was interesting that the warheads and the detonators were stored separately. Still, it was a strange feeling that there were atomic bombs only 35 km from my hometown.

The site is privately owned and can be viewed through Martin Kaule for € 30. An NVA construction soldier who was involved in the construction work as a welder in 1968 was also present during our visit. He had interesting stories to tell.

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