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Bunker of the Stasi district administration in Berlin

In a forest to the east of Berlin, there is the former alternative control point (AFüSt) of the Berlin State Security District Administration. The legend for the object was its use as a “SV Dynamo training object”. For this purpose, a sports field was created. The area was built on with several bungalows, a larger barrack, a garage building, a transformer station and the commander's house. Noticeable are 2 smaller sheds, which are located on the way from the commandant's house to the bunker, camouflaging two air shafts. These shafts were used to ventilate a 100 m long tunnel made of prefabricated elements, which leads from the basement of the commandant's residence into the actual protective bunker. Two further small sheds originally camouflaged the two fresh air intakes of the bunker, the two regular entrances were each covered with a bungalow as legendary buildings, in which the entrances, which could be locked with the well-known horizontal roller doors, were hidden. After the end of the GDR, the property was used as a home for asylum seekers for some time. After the end of its use, the property was guarded until around 2006, but then left to decay. The buildings on the freely accessible property are already quite marked by vandalism. Metal thieves removed everything useful.

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