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Sternburg brewery Leipzig- Lützschena

The history of the Sternburg brewery began as early as 1822 on the Lützschena manor. By 1945, Freiherr Speck von Sternburg and his following generations developed the brewery into one of the largest breweries in Central Germany.

After the end of the war, the Speck von Sternburg family was expropriated. From 1946 the Soviet military administration managed the brewery. In 1947 the company was nationalized and assigned to the VVB breweries based in Dresden, from 1968 the brewery was part of the VEB Beverage Combine Leipzig. The special beer “German Pils”, which was awarded a gold medal at the Leipzig spring fair in 1966, was exported to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Soviet Union and was used for on-board catering on GDR ships and in the planes of the GDR airline “Interflug”. The Sternburg brewery, which is extremely successful in the GDR, for example, produced around 500,000 hectoliters of beer with around 500 employees. After the political change in 1990, the Sternburg Brauerei GmbH was founded in cooperation with the Stuttgarter Hofbräu. Due to the loss of export opportunities, the production volume fell sharply. Brewing production was stopped on May 15, 1991, and the plant was finally closed on August 31 of the same year. The Reudnitzer Brewery has been running the Sternburg brand since 1992.

The partially listed site of the brewery has been fallow since 1991, and in May 2018 a proposal was made to convert the site into a residential complex. On May 13, 2018, a major fire broke out in the former brewery in five different places.

We viewed the property just a few weeks before the fire. We were particularly impressed by the well-preserved brewhouse with its fantastic view from the tower. Many outbuildings had already collapsed. Many buildings are also interesting from an architectural point of view. For example, I discovered Art Deco lamps that were still preserved.

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