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VEB top jersey operation

The VEB Obertrikotagenbetrieb (OTB) "Ernst Lück" founded in 1968 was once one of the largest textile companies between the Baltic Sea and the Ore Mountains. Up to 2900 people, mostly young people, worked there at the zenith. A day-care center, apprentice dormitories - today's job center -, a swimming pool and sports facilities and fields were built - all with a view to the large number of employees in the company. The fact that synthetic fibers were not a sustainable alternative to wearing comfort for cotton and, above all, that their production was too labor-intensive, became noticeable with the upheaval in 1989/90. The company was no longer able to hold its own on the market. He produced until 1992. Then the lights went out - and a nearly 700-year history of local textile production came to an end. A Hamburg company is the owner of the entire complex. How the location will be further developed is unknown.

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