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The abandoned nursing home on the mountain

Behind a newly established DRK senior citizen center there is an approx. 19 hectare large area, which until 2004 also housed a nursing home. It was a self-sufficient place with a pharmacy, hairdresser, day nursery, cinema and physiotherapy with exercise pool, as well as a ballroom for 400 visitors. The ballroom in the building from the 1930s is particularly impressive with its various wall designs from GDR times, seasons made of ceramics, wall paintings of the Caucasian chalk circle and plastic Fighting Roosters. The buildings from GDR times are less interesting. About the history of the facility: In 1936, a barracks area was laid out west of Saalow, into which an air force balloon unit first moved. In 1940 it was converted into a medical personnel training department. Until the end of the war, the facility was also a hospital. 1,033 German soldiers and refugees who died here rest in the nearby cemetery. At last there were 38 barracks here. Shortly after the end of the war, some barracks were destroyed. The remaining 22 barracks were used as accommodation for resettlers from 1946. An infirmary was added from 1947. In 1948 it became the Saalow retirement home, from which the Saalow nursing home emerged in 1953. From 1954 it was run as a friendship nursing home. From 1956 to 1958 some large buildings were constructed. Up to 1,200 old people and people in need of care were accommodated in the nursing home. In 1990 there were around 600 people living there under the worst possible conditions. Today the site belongs to the TF district, which is looking for an investor.

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