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Cinque Torri - command post of the Italian artillery

The Cinque Torri (German: five towers) are a rock formation up to 2361 m high in the Dolomites, on the route between the Falzarego Pass and Cortina d'Ampezzo. The area of the Cinque Torri was occupied by the Italian army during the First World War. Because of the good view of the surrounding mountain ranges, the command post of the artillery was built here.

To defend the rocks a number of cannons were distributed against the Austrian posts at Lagazuoi and the Tre Sassi fortress. The positions were renovated a few years ago and can be visited. A chairlift goes up the mountain from the valley. At the top you can see the 5 towers on the left and in front of them the museum, just a few meters from the hut at the end of the cable car. But the hike to the right of the cable car to the Nuvolau hut at 2574 m is nicer. Unfortunately, we had to turn around at the Averau hut due to large snow fields (on June 16!), But from there we also had a beautiful view of the Marmolada. Even on the way, the views of the surrounding Dolomite peaks are always fantastic. Then you went back to the museum, from there you can also descend into the valley to the parking lot or take the cable car back.

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