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The imposing building of the 639th Military Hospital already served as a military hospital before World War I and remained so during the stationing of the Soviet troops in Wünsdorf.

6. Militärhospital Wünsdorf
Standort Lazarett Wünsdorf

6. The military hospital in Wünsdorf

A little away from the barracks area is the large shooting range from the time of the imperial army, which was also used by the GSSD. It consists of several shooting lanes with large bullet baskets.

7. Der kaiserliche Schießplatz

7. The imperial shooting range Wünsdorf

8. Villa Burlakow

The Villa Burlakow, once a representative building in a park-like area, was built between 1911 and 1914. It was the seat of the last Commander-in-Chief, Colonel-General Matwei Prokopyevich Burlakov. The former commandant's house is equipped with dormers, bay windows, stucco ceilings, wooden parquet floors and a terrace. It has approx. 200 m² of living space. After the troops withdrew, the house was briefly used as a museum, which showed some Russian remains. The building was locked tight during my visit.

8. The Villa Burlakow in Wünsdorf

The following pictures are from an area that was called military town No. 4 in Soviet times and has not yet been redeveloped. A radio center, the center for satellite connections, a reconnaissance department, a guard unit, a motorized rifle regiment and the reconnaissance headquarters were stationed in this area. In German times the area belonged to the high command of the Wehrmacht. The accommodation buildings and workshops from the German era are still interesting today. The garages and the boiler house built in the GDR era have fallen into disrepair. The old German casino with the Soviet star at the entrance is also worth mentioning .

9. Militärstädtchen Nr. 4

9. Military town No. 4 in Wünsdorf

In the vicinity of the Officers' House there is another complex of 6 large, not yet renovated buildings, which are arranged around a large square. It is referred to as School No. 1. In the houses there are classrooms, large halls and accommodation. A building that impressed on the side with a flat roof and floor-to-ceiling window fronts in the Bauhaus style was interesting. Otherwise all buildings are completely gutted. Only the occasional "wall paintings" or the driving school in an attic are of interest.

10. Die Schule Nr. 1

10. School No. 1 in Wünsdorf