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Schule Nr. 71 Jueterbog

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The officers' mess of an artillery shooting school, which was built in 1912 and converted into a tax office in 1926/27, is located in the small Brandenburg town. After the war, the building was used as school No. 71 for the children of the Soviet officers stationed in the area. The school was not in the restricted area. There were several primary schools for the officer's children at the individual locations, school No. 71 was a kind of grammar school in which the students passed their Abitur. Students were brought to the school by buses from several locations. In the 1970s, a sports hall was added to the property, as the old sports hall in the officers' mess was too small for the hundreds of students. Display boards can still be seen in the rooms today, praising the heroic deeds in building socialism.

The building is a listed building and has been empty since the Soviet military forces withdrew in 1994.

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