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About me

I'm Rainer from Treuenbrietzen, a small town in Brandenburg. The travel gene was awakened in me as a child. My aunt from West Germany always sent us nice holiday cards from Lugano, Andorra or Strasbourg. I started collecting postcards from all over the world, of travel destinations that I could never visit as a GDR child. The most valuable card was from Alabama that I wanted to visit in June 2020, but have to postpone due to Corona. I had wanderlust! My GDR highlights were a family vacation in Romania and a “youth tourist” trip to Sochi in the Soviet Union.

I was then able to use the new freedom of travel at the beginning of the 90s all the more intensively. My friends quickly gave me the nickname "Reise-Rainer". In addition to family vacations enriched with “experiences”, I organized rafting and canyoning tours, ski tours, bike tours and history tours to lost places with friends. That of course alongside my work as an employee in an industrial company. I also explore one or the other deserted place in my region on my own. Usually, however, my wife Ines accompanies me, who also diligently feeds the homepage.

What can you expect on my blog?

I will show you beautiful abandoned places, especially in East Germany and Poland, but also in Europe and America. In blogs, but also in the corresponding Facebook forums, the locations of the hidden places are not published in order to protect them from vandalism, which is also correct. That's why I do the same with places that are not open to the public. However, there are many abandoned places that are marketed and visited by associations or private individuals, these are also linked by me. With this I give you added value. Former barracks, abandoned industrial plants, health facilities, bunkers, objects of contemporary history and also historical fortresses are presented under abandoned places. I strictly adhere to the Urbex code: only take photos, leave nothing but your footprints.

Under the Adventure Travel tab, I give you a lot of tips on road trips, city trips and sights that I have explored with my family or friends and that I can recommend. I usually do individual trips, but also occasional group trips, especially to non-European, non-English-speaking countries.

I am not only looking for adventure or action, but can also relax from time to time, hence a few nice hotel tips under the heading Exclusive Travel.

I am not a backpacker. I usually stay in hotels. Therefore, you cannot expect any savings tips here. In Hawaii, for example, it is simply expensive everywhere. The many booked tours from zip-line to rafting to paragliding are also not cheap anywhere in the world. I also give little information about the country and its people, which you can read in much more detail in the special travel guides. Basically, I'll show you the most important “to do's” of the travel destinations. I don't get any money for the recommendations and links, but for legal reasons they still have to be displayed as advertising.

Why am I blogging?

Some time ago I created the homepage for my sports club . I had so much fun that my daughter suggested I become a travel blogger. She also encouraged me when I pointed out that I was too old for that and had no writing experience.  As always in life: just do it!

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