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Swap command post of the 16th Air Army

At the edge of a military training area, a concrete slab road leads approx. 1 km past an abandoned control passage, directly in front of the property. The very large bunker (approx. 40m x 35m) has two levels. The Russians simply built two arched coverings for the airfields of the AU-11 type parallel and with a little distance from one another and combined them at one end via a monolithic connecting structure. Unfortunately, no more furnishings were left behind, as the building was in the process of being modernized at the time it was abandoned by the Soviet armed forces. The tiles and the paint seem to have been renewed. The bunker entrances were filled with concrete after the GSSD had been removed. An entrance was dug up again under the concrete and can be used crawling. On the site there is still a dilapidated team building, a garage and a small storage bunker.

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